Meet the Team

The Team


Steve Seager


My role is to oversee monitoring on all wildlife aspects of the reserve and to suggest management decisions through astute scientific data to the GM. I also manage the Selati Research Volunteer programme and coordinate all wildlife operations.

I have a BSc Hons degree in International Wildlife Biology, a FGASA nature guide qualification.

What I love about my job:
That every day is different, it’s a challenge and there is no limit to what can be achieved. Working in conservation can be difficult for so many reasons but it has its rewards. Getting to be hands on with some of the most incredible species on the planet is truly amazing.


Madeline Siegel

Research Coordinator
and Field Guide

I am Mads, I am responsible for the monitoring of key species through radio telemetry tracking and camera trap footage; Data capture and analysis of flora and fauna throughout the reserve; data capture during annual aerial game count.

I have a BSc in Forestry & Natural Resources, emphasis on wildlife biology; FGASA Level 1 (apprentice field guide?), Back-up Trails Guide, Advanced Rifle Handling, Wilderness Medicine Levels 1 & 2, Basic & Advanced Birding…

Previous Work Experience: Lab & field technician for a loggerhead sea turtle conservation genetics lab (in US); veterinary nurse for small animal clinic (also in US)

Why I love to work in Conservation:
Working in conservation is hard work but incredibly rewarding. It is a special field because everyone involved is so passionate about their work, so it’s always fun getting to collaborate with others in the industry. My favourite aspect of my job is waking up and not knowing what the day might bring. No day is ever the same!


Ninja Huerlimann

Marketing & Guide

What’s up? I am Ninja, the intern at Selati Research. I try to help where ever I can. Sometimes this means to help collect data in the field, another time it means supporting special operations. When in the office I am responsible for all marketing tasks. So if you aren’t following us on Instagram yet – it’s now the time to see what I work on daily.

I am originally from Switzerland where I studied Marketing & Communication. After 2 years of working in Marketing I decided to change my career and go to South Africa. I did my FGASA Apprentice Field Guide NQF2 Qualification and FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide with EcoTraining. And was lucky or good enough to get to work for Selati Research now!

Selati Research Team




I am Jasper, the coolest dog in South Africa! My team-mates also call me troublemaker. But I take my work “to keep the camp safe” very serious. Most of the time I chase warthogs away. From time to time I also face the two Cheetah-Brothers. I require a big amount of cuddles and bum-rubs.



Join our Team

Without the help of Volunteers we couldn’t do what we are doing. You will be directly involved in our field work and helping us collecting data. As well helping out processing photos from our Camera Traps.