The Selati Game Reserve, a wide-reaching expanse of uninterrupted natural beauty, is home to an abundance of life. This nearly 28 000 hectare reserve set in the heart of Limpopo, Southern Africa, was established in 1993 with a vision to preserve and uplift the surrounding wildlife that plays a crucial role in the country’s heritage. Today, Selati Game Reserve continues to enrich this legacy of conservation with unwavering dedication to sustainable resource management.

Our intention and passion for natural preservation inspires a true connection with nature and allows guests to revisit their roots amongst the unhampered African wilderness.

Our purpose lies in the cultivation of an enduring legacy – to conserve the rich ecosystems and unparalleled biodiversity that thrive in this land through an unwavering dedication to sustainable resource management.

Our vision and purpose is clear: to create an enduring legacy by conserving and enhancing the biodiversity of the ecosystem through the astute and sustainable management of resources.


The Selati Game Reserve boasts a profusion of enchanting lodges, proving the foundation for an ideal safari escape. Magnificent granite outcrops and pockets of emerald indigenous flora give way to undulating landscapes that form as part of Selati’s unique topography and commanding vistas from every angle. Home to not only the Big 5 but numerous other fascinating wildlife, venture to Selati Game Reserve and experience the heartbeat of the bushveld.

Nkuwa Wilderness Camp

Dunn’s Camp


Lillie Lodge

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