Pioneers in sable breeding, the Selati Game Reserve is a founder member of Benchmark Game Breeders, the auction division of the Gravelotte Sable Study Group. We stand for the ethical and sustainable breeding of sable antelope. We are proud of our pioneering role in this industry and we are extremely excited about the future prospects of this magnificent animal.

The Selati Game Reserve was involved in the founding and development of the Letaba Sable Study Group, the forerunner of today’s Gravelotte Sable Study Group.

The culture of sharing amongst the members of the study group has contributed significantly to the body of knowledge and experience that has been built up over time and which underpins the success of today’s sable breeding industry.

This success can best be illustrated by the fact that in 1990 there were approximately 4 000 sable in South Africa (2 000 in the Kruger National Park and 2 000 in private hands) whereas today there are some 15 000 in the country with up to 2 000 of the animals being traded annually.