The Selati Game Reserve is located in the Lowveld region of the Limpopo province between longitudes 30° 38’ 42” E and 30° 54’ 26” E and latitudes 23° 54’ 25” S and 24° 05’ 09” S and lies at a mean altitude of around 500m MSL.

The climate is dry with a mean annual temperature exceeding 18°C and a mean annual rainfall of 530 mm. The area falls within the hot, arid steppe climate zone (BSh) with an evaporation rate that exceeds the precipitation rate.

The reserve has a rich and diverse geological history. The Murchison Greenstone belt in the north-west of the reserve contains the oldest rock formations on earth while most of the remainder of the reserve is made up of three different granite and pegmatite formations; the Willie, Lekkersmaak and Mashishimale gneisses. The most spectacular of these is the Mashishimale gneiss in the south which protrudes on the Lillie koppies and provides habitat for Encephalartos dyerianus, the rarest cycad on the planet.